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About Us

Nasir Tourism was founded in 1988 as a first private agency in Macedonia, with the owner Abdulaqim Bajrami. With severe and very cruel conditions in 1988, I decided to change my profession to which I have worked since my childhood along with my father Hebib Bajrami, to whom I give my appreciations for my guidance. Moreover, until 1988 I have worked privately as an auto transporter with vans. In that time it was clear how much a persecuted Albanian could work. Also, my two brothers were having the same profession. Unfortunately, in April 1988 by a former plan that communist regime mounted by the UDB, my brother Nasir Bajrami was killed at the age of 32,where in this act took part (as the perpetrator of the act) the closest family as well . I was also persecuted by that regime, but with gratefulness to God, the goal of eradicating me was not reached. Therefore, because of this event, I lost ambition and willingness for work that I used to do along with my two brothers. Thus, in a period of two or three months I was lost mentally and financially, and then I started to think a little further that except the attention I supposed to give to my family, I needed to land a hand to my brother's family, after having left his wife and two little girls. I have always imagined to work with passenger transport and tourism, and I thought that that dream was very close to be realized, but I did not insist after all these events, I could not work because I had very old memories regarding my two brothers, and the death of my brother was tormenting me. I tried to calm myself and change the profession. Therefore, I decided to work with private buses and tourist agency considering this reasonable for the reason that Albanians in Macedonia lacked such a thing in our country. In August 1988 I founded this agency and taking into account the above mentioned happenings I already knew what name I would give to this agency. I was thinking about many names that belong to tourism and are more accessible to the world, but in the end, for me, it was accessible to let my brother's name and I decided that this firm remains with this name - NASIR TOURISM.

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Office in Gostivar

Belichiica 14

1230 Gostivar

Tel: +389 42 218 007

Tel: +389 42 218 008

Mob: +389 76 333 777

Office in Tetovo


Vellezerit Milladinov 174

1200 Tetovo

Tel: +389 44 330 300


Office in Hamburg


21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Tel :+49 40 78 07 07 06

Mob: +49 173 240 3506


Office in Bielefeld



Mob: +49 174 6604 666